experts in telecommunication

About us

We deliver happy clients – not hard sales!
As an independent company for telco distribution we consult our clients fairly and objectively. Through long years of experience, a network of our own shops and perfect industry expertise we are proud to be one of the best providers of telco solutions in the market. threeconcept ist a company of the rabeconcept group.
Because the telecommunication is a matter of trust.

A fair and professional consultation around smartphones, landline networks and so on is a matter of personal importance for us. Pleased customers are our calling card.
Our shops are completely independent, therefore we are able to offer you only the best products.
Consultation and service are our top priority. No circuits, no hotline. Our clients with their individual needs are our main focus.
  1. o2 Shop Düsseldorf
    Am Wehrhahn 25
    40211 Düsseldorf
  2. o2 Shop Troisdorf
    (EKZ Galerie)

    Wilhelm-Hamacher-Straße 22
    53840 Troisdorf
  3. o2 Shop Viersen
    Hauptstraße 29
    41747 Viersen
  4. o2 Shop Remscheid
    Presover Str. 20
    42859 Remscheid
  5. o2 Shop Bochum-Linden
    Hattinger Str. 827
    44879 Bochum
  6. o2, Telekom Shop Heiligenhaus
    Hauptstraße 161-167
    42579 Heiligenhaus
  7. o2 Shop Rüsselsheim
    Bahnhofstr. 28
    65428 Rüsselsheim
  8. o2 Shop Böblingen
    Wolfgang-Brumme-Allee 27
    71034 Böblingen
  9. o2 Shop Stuttgart Zuffenhausen
    Unterländer Str. 59-61
    70435 Stuttgart
  10. o2 Shop Stuttgart Feuerbach
    Stuttgarter Str. 61
    70469 Stuttgart
  1. o2 Shop Neuwied
    Mittelstrasse 95
    56564 Neuwied
  2. o2 Shop Tübingen
    Ammergasse 2
    72070 Tübingen
  3. o2 Shop Koblenz
    Löhrrondell 10
    56068 Koblenz
  4. o2 Shop Köln
    Breite Str.6-26
    50667 Köln
  5. Telekom, Vodafone Shop Bochum Linden
    Hattinger Str. 827
    44879 Bochum
  6. Vodafone Shop Bocholt
    Berliner Platz 2
    46399 Bocholt
  7. Vodafone Shop Münster
    Salzstraße 46
    48143 Münster
  8. Vodafone Shop Essen
    Bochumer Str. 16
    45276 Essen
  9. Vodafone Shop Duisburg
    Jägerstr. 70
    47166 Duisburg