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We deliver happy clients – not hard sales!

As an independent company for telco distribution we consult our clients fairly and objectively. With many years of experience, a network of our own shops and the best industry knowledge, we are a top provider in the telecommunications sector. threeconcept ist a company of the rabeconcept group.

Because the telecommunication is a matter of trust.

A fair and professional consultation around smartphones, landline networks and so on is a matter of personal importance for us. Pleased customers are our calling card.
Our shops are completely independent, therefore we are able to offer you only the best products. Therefore we are able to offer you only the best products.
Excellent consulting and service are our main priority. There are no complicated processes. It’s the customer and his needs that we put center stage.
Mobile communication consulting at ist best! Because excellent service is our passion.
fair. independent. personal.
… simply threeconcept!

Independent consultation for our clients

Mobile shops

In the wide range of mobile shops it is difficult to find a consultation which is good and fair at the same time.

We offer an independent service with long years of experience and a great network. Visit our shops to experience the difference.

Visit our shops to experience the difference.

focus on clients
Which contract is the right one for you? What kind of smartphone and tariff do you need? For us, good advice starts with one thing: your needs. We are listening!
always an eye on the market
The telecommunications market is a jungle of technical terms that confuse customers. We’re here to find the best deal. We provide understandable advice and give you an overview!
best deals
As a part of a strong network of companies we are able to make the best offer of smartphones, tablets etc.. An advantage that will pay off – literally!
our service promise
Our consultants have a huge know-how to guide you friendly and competently. Pleasant clients are best publicity! Come and experience the way we live service.
We create emotions and experiences that will be remembered.
inspiring. particularly. moving.
… simply threeconcept!
We offer the full package

Promotion & Media

Anchoring a brand in the minds of customers is a challenge in times of media overload. We develop concepts that stand out from the monotony of mass promotions and really stay in the memory.

Ein guter Promoter ist die Schnittstelle zwischen Ihrer Marke und Ihren Kunden. Wir verstehen die Verantwortung, die unser Personal als Repräsentant Ihrer Marke tragen. Jeder einzelne unserer Mitarbeiter ist repräsentativ, mit guter Allgemeinbildung und sympathischem Auftreten.

complete support
From the initial idea to the final execution we stand by your side. Developing planning documentations, providing human resources, technical supplies and creative promo material belongs to our area of responsibility. Due to our great network of partners we are able to realize even the fanciest wishes.
Your brand lives from positive emotions. Generating positive emotions and put them in your target audience`s mind is a challenge we can help you to handle. Take some advice from a professional team in event design. We are professionals in event design and offer the complete package including all services. Take some advice from a professional team in event design.
our service promise
We turn potential clients into fans of your brand! The development of concepts with passion is our strength. If you are looking for special ideas, you have found your right partner with threeconcept.


Our promotions

We create emotions, not just events. Our promotions breath a special flair and creativity. Get in contact. Realize your imaginations.
A crew with experience

Our team

threeconcept – these are the founders with their many years of professional experience telecommunication and sales.

We have our roots in this region and are proud to count on a competent team of consultants and marketing specialists.

Dennis Feike
Managing Director
Christopher Myssen
Managing Director
Great performance can only arise from a strong team.
competent. strong. fair.
… simply threeconcept!
Find us!

Our Shops

1. O2 Shop Düsseldorf

Am Wehrhahn 25

40211 Düsseldorf

2. O2 Shop Trosdorf

Wilhelm-Hamacher-Straße 22
53840 Troisdorf

3. O2 Shop Viersen

Hauptstraße 29
41747 Viersen

4. O2 Shop Remscheid

Presover Str. 20
42859 Remscheid

5. O2 Shop Bochum-Linden

Hattinger Str. 827
44879 Bochum

6. O2 Shop Rüsselsheim

Bahnhofstr. 28
65428 Rüsselsheim

7. O2 Shop Böblingen

Wolfgang-Brumme-Allee 27
71034 Böblingen

8. O2 Shop Stuttgart Zuffenhausen

Unterländer Str. 59-61
70435 Stuttgart

9. O2 Shop Stuttgart Feuerbach

Stuttgarter Str. 61
70469 Stuttgart

10. O2 Shop Neuwied

Mittelstrasse 95
56564 Neuwied

11. O2 Shop Tübingen

Ammergasse 2
72070 Tübingen

12. O2 Shop Koblenz

Löhrrondell 10
56068 Koblenz

13. O2 Shop Köln
(WDR Arkaden)

Breite Str. 6-26
50667 Köln

14. O2 Shop Köln

Höninger Weg 183
50969 Köln

15. O2 Shop Köln

Severinstr. 97
50678 Köln

16. Vodafone Shop Bocholt
Berliner Platz 2
46395 Bocholt

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